It is with the deepest gratitude that I share some of the lovely sentiments that clients and students have shared with me over the years.

“Sari saved my life. There’s no better words to describe how impactful her work with me has been. Thank you Sari!”  – T. Savoie

“Sari has a gift of asking questions that clarify and name the issue at hand, contextualizing the problem and looking at it from various angles so that it is normalized and manageable.  Sari’s ability to think logically about the challenge along with her creative approach and openness to out of the box paradigms allows for the full expression of one’s emotions while keeping the inward journey a safe and exciting process.  Perhaps the biggest gift of all is her creating the conditions for me to be myself – no idea is too trivial for consideration, no emotion is discarded, no solution dismissed.”  – S. Molnar

“I would highly recommend Sari’s workshop to anyone looking for a fun-filled, relaxing day of self-discovery.  The time flies by because she is so well-organized and engaging!  I especially appreciate the step by step approach she uses to guide us. Thank you Sari!”  – T. Landry

“Sari’s yoga classes are not just about yoga.  Her love of yoga and exuberance for life make each class a refreshing experience for body and spirit. We arrive at class with our aches, pains and daily stresses and every single person leaves the class smiling. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Sari for creating a place of peace and harmony for her students.  I am so happy that I found her!”   – N. Martin

“I have benefited greatly from attending Sari’s classes and workshops. She provides an oasis of peace and tranquility where her students can benefit fully from her expert guidance. She is interesting, very insightful, and offers relevant and practical guidance that provide her students with valuable tools to further advance on their own personal path of self-growth. “  – C. Leblanc

“I strongly believe that Sari’s yoga classes have helped me heal.  Her professional attention to each student’s issues ensures we are empowered to develop at our own pace and has personally improved my condition (physically and mentally). The time spent in her class is not only a gift I give to myself but I am able to apply the skills taught by Sari on a daily basis to relieve my stress.  I have learned to “breath, relax, and feel”.  – S.Hebert

“Sari’s meditation sessions have been immensely beneficial to me. I always thought that meditation was something mysterious that needed a lot of practice, Sari has demystified meditation by presenting a clear understanding of this amazing practice and gently and expertly guiding us through different types of meditation. Every session has been a jewel, where we’ve had the possibility of connecting with our wise inner self. Most of all, I have learned that I can incorporate meditation and mindful living into every aspect of my life, at any given time.”  – C. Leblanc

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