Embracing Change

Are you standing at the doorway of change but afraid to walk-through?  Do you feel that life is calling you into something new, but you’re afraid to hear why, how or what?

Sari can help.

To most of us, change feels like jumping off a cliff. Sometimes the circumstances or people in our life push us towards the cliff edge and sometimes it is us making the decision to walk boldy into the great wide open. Whatever is compelling you forward however, there is usually this split second when you behold that open space in front of you that you shout “What the **** am I doing?”.  This is where Sari’s 6 week Embracing Change program can help, orient, guide and most importantly help you muster the courage to take the leap of faith required and glide safely to your destination.

Your 6-Week Embracing Change Program will include:
  • 6 courage igniting coaching sessions face to face, by phone or skype.
  • Embracing Change manual with daily exercises to help you embrace your changing life and mindset with open heart and a lightness of being

Investment: $650* (tax included)

For further information or to enroll in this program, contact Sari today!

*If you have naturopathy coverage, your investment may be covered by medical insurance.

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