Team Learning & Development

Sari believes passionately that an organization as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. As such, she is passionate about helping organizations build what Peter Senge calls a Learning Organization.  Since completing her Masters in Human Systems Intervention in 2002, a program specialized in training OD consultants to develop Learning Organizations, she has she has helped numerous cutting-edge teams in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick establish the building blocks of this kind of organization that has the ability to:

  • think critically and creatively about itself;
  • communicate ideas and concepts across the whole-system, at whiplash speed;
  • catalyse cooperation and collaboration at a whole-system level, through the process of inquiry and action learning.

A learning organization is one that seeks to create its own future; that assumes learning is an ongoing and creative process for its members; and one that develops, adapts, and transforms itself in response to the needs and aspirations of people, both inside and outside itself.

For further information on how building a Learning culture within your organization has help you thrive, watch the video below and contact Sari today!

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