Sonic Sound Therapy

Crystal bowls have been used as a healing modality by ancient cultures for centuries.

Much like the more familiar Tibetan Singing Bowls, when crystal bowls are played they provide a rich, pure, vibrant sound that is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and stirring of deep emotions and states of well-being. Each bowl is tuned to a different energy centre (charkra) in the body and when that specific bowl is played the sound waves penetrate a person’s body, stimulating different parts of the brain to realease different hormones and neuro-chemicals and clearing and balancing each energy centers. When multiple bowls are played together they transport listeners into deep meditative and healing states, providing emotional and physical release and deep restoration.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, a cancer specialist of Cornell Medical Center, NY, has found using the bowls, especially with simple chant and meditative practices, assist his clients to come into marked improvement and recovery rates over those using just standard allopathic treatment. Many other practitioners are offering both studies and anecdotal testimony in their use.

One of the only crystal bowl healing practitioner’s in the Moncton area, Sari is delighted to have the largest collection of practitioner grade crystal bowls in the Maritimes that she uses for one-on-one sound therapy with individuals and groups for deep relaxation and meditation during her Sonic Sound Healing Yoga Nidra sessions.

Sari offers:
  • Single Sessions: $125 (taxes included).
  • Group Sessions: $295 (5 – 30 ppl).
  • Sonic Transformation Program (4 session package): $375

To book your appointment or for further information contact Sari today!

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